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How to treat urinary tract infection

How to treat urinary tract infection

Do you suffer urinary infection? When microorganisms invade the urinary tract is likely to begin experiencing the Symptoms of infection urine most notably the burning sensation during urination, constant feeling of wanting to go to the bathroom or discomfort in the abdomen area. It is important to learn to detect these signs as soon as possible to begin treatment that will help alleviate the discomfort and to get back to normal as soon as possible. In this article we tell unComo how to treat urinary tract infection both pharmacological and level with home remedies.

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The bacteria are usually the most common cause appears urine infection, however, it can also occur because viruses, fungi or parasites are taken. Anyway, the fact is that a person can detect if you have this infection learning to recognize their main symptoms among which are:

  • constant feeling have to pee
  • Pain and itching when going to the bathroom
  • Women may feel inconvenience when having sex
  • Color more Dark Urine
  • You may feel pain kidneys

More severe infections can cause blood in the urine and other symptoms such as fever, nausea, and so on. If this is your case, go immediately to the doctor to treat you as soon as possible. In this article we detail unComo symptoms of urinary tract infection.


There are different methods treat urinary tract infection. A pharmacological level you should know that most of the time taking analgésticos is necessary but opt ​​for antibiotics get the discomfort and the above detailed symptoms disappear.

To find the most appropriate choice of treatment is advised to visit a doctor to assess what is best for you. Normally, if the cause of the infection lies in a bacterium, usually it prescribes a antibiotic; but if the agent that caused the infection is a fungus, the treatment will have to be a drug to annul this fungus and if it is a virus, the doctor will prescribe a antiviral.

In most cases, treatment of urinary tract infection does not require income hospital: the doctor will prescribe medicines you can take home following the instructions you have given the specialist. But, depending on the degree of infection you are suffering or whether there are any complications, the income may be necessary to fight the virus and get control infection.