How to create a RAR file

How to create a RAR file

A RAR file It stores multiple files into one through a process known as "compress". This will make the files easier to organize and carry, as it will be smaller and in one place. also can create a RAR file by adopting another file format such as ZIP and RAR making. This can be useful to decompress if you can decompress RAR files, but not the kind of ZIP file.

Steps to follow:1

Download and install WinRAR ( Click the file or files you want compress to create a RAR file. Select "Add to file" options there. Select "RAR" for the file type and click "To accept" to create the RAR file. WinRAR is free to use, but will have a nag screen if you do not buy the full version after the trial period.


Go to "ConvertFiles". Click on "Examine" to load the file you want to use for make a RAR. Select "RAR" in "Output Format" and click "Convert" to create the link you can use to download the new RAR. ConvertFiles is a website free conversion also converts audio and video formats.


Download and install Squeez. Open the program and select the files you want to use to create the file in the folder on the top right. Click on "Compress this file" Options in the left box. RAR select the format you want and click "To accept" to create the RAR.

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