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Cleaning the sofa

Cleaning the sofa

The couch It is not lacking in any odds home furniture. We use it a lot to sleep, watch TV, meet with family and / or friends or other people and some people also use it to eat. Throughout the day we sat on it several times and different people, some more than others watching not stain. Usually the couch used to be a main element of the room in which it is located, which is very important her appearance. Not only cleaning to not look dirty, but its smell, texture and color. Look for the guarantee of sofa, maybe in the place where you bought it cleaned. But if not so quiet then we give you some tips how to clean the couch.

Steps to follow:1

The first step is to dust the sofa. To do this you have to pass a cotton cloth in parts of the sofa are made of wood and corners that are between the sofa fabric and wood. Then you have to vacuuming the sofa cushions and in the cushions.


Find out what the fabric is made sofa, search carefully in every corner of the sofa until you find the label where you put it. It is generally under cushions.


When you know the type of material or fabric of your sofa, you must buy special cleaning according to the fabric.


Once you have the special cleanser, you have to try it on a small area and not very visible from the couch. The back is a good place. So you know if the product you have purchased damaged or sofa.


When you have verified that the product is suitable for your sofa, apply all over the couch. You have to apply the liquid in all parts of the sofa without leaving any corner to avoid leaving stains.


Then you have to put that differs parts of the sofa separately in the sun to dry thoroughly before reassembling and use the sofa.

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