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How to prevent spiders from entering my house

How to prevent spiders from entering my house

While some spiders They are beneficial because they eliminate some mosquitoes in our home, others are very harmful, since they secrete poison that can damage both people and animals that are nearby. If you do not want or see this type of insects in your home, if you have a phobia or simply respect, this article will interest This time we give a proposal to keep the arachnids away from you. Learn how to prevent spiders from entering your house with home remedies and very effective. Leave them out!

Steps to follow:1

One of the best tricks prevent spiders from sneaking into your home It is to coat all doors and windows with weatherstripping. These insulation will prevent arachnids squeeze through, from the outside, through small cracks or holes that may have in these areas. There are many types of weatherstripping: silicone, foam, rubber, brush, fringed ... find them in DIY stores, and can also choose to develop them yourself / a following in the footsteps of that other article unComo about how to weatherstripping for doors and windows.


The Spiders can also sneak through the pipes, so you should work on them to prevent these insects come by, especially if they have any cracks. Check the batteries and pikes your home and apply caulk around water pipes. Thus you will close the entrance to the spiders in this way.