Tone cardio benefits

Tone cardio benefits

In a more sedentary society than ever, fortunately more and more exercises and techniques that appear to help keep our body in an optimal state. When it seemed that the only way we had to make sport was jogging or lock ourselves in the engine room of the gym have appeared exercises like cardio boxing, body pump, the zumba or cardio tone to be active and improve our condition physical.

In the following article we will discuss the latter, by telling you what it is and what are the cardio benefits tone for our bodies and our health.

Cardio tone definition

The term cardio tone comes from the Union of cardio and toning exercise. The cardio tone, essentially, is a type of training that combines these two exercises getting the benefits of both: with aerobic exercises will achieve an improvement in our respiratory capacity and cardiovacular health, with toning exercises an improvement in both muscle tone as mobility of joints.

Normally this practice is carried out in group classes, music to set the pace. In these simple movements they are made with all kinds of elements such as disks, dumbbells, elastic bands and bars. The good thing is that cardio tone depending on the physical condition of the person adapts the load, so they can train both novices and people in good physical condition.

Here we explain all the benefits you can get from the practice of cardio tone.

Ideal for weight loss

If we consider that in a class of cardio tone lasting 50 minutes we can get to lose between 500 and 800 calories We come to the conclusion that this training is perfect when diet and lose weight. If we also add the fact that we exercise our muscles and Invigorate not only we burn fat, but muscle replace it with the accelerate our metabolism and will help us burn even more fat.

The tone usually includes cardio high intensity peaks, what in the world of fitness is known as HIIT. This means that the whole class is made in the same rhythm, but alternating current peaks with short breaks, raising and lowering the load alternately. This achieves maximum speed metabolism, getting our body to burn much more fat, not only during the duration of the exercise, but also in the later hours.

In addition, the fact that all kind of cardio tone is performed accompanied by music makes training much more fun; the musical sound helps you keep up, but in turn makes us feel less heavy physical load, helping us to give the most of ourselves.