How to make my own private Twitter

How to make my own private Twitter

Do not you want anyone to have access to your tweets or follow without your approval? Then the option that suits you best to avoid it is to make your profile private, an increasingly common feature in social networks. At the front of this measure was Facebook allowing privatize our profile so that nobody can read our publications or see our photos if not our friend in Instagram You also have this option so the social network of the bird is not far behind. If you want to know how to make your own private Twitter read on, because we explain

Steps to follow:1

Make your own private Twitter It is very simple and you can perform these steps both from the computer and from your mobile phone in case you have the Twitter app installed.

To start should log into your account, then you must press on your photo if you do it from the computer, in the three points if you do it from your Mobile Android or go to your profile and select the nut if you do it from your Mobile iPhone. When the options are despleguen to click you must select Configuration.


Once in setup you have to choose the alternative Security and Privacy to make your Twitter account private.