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Making a facial at home

Making a facial at home

Learn how to make a facial cleansing at home in a fast and professional results 100%. If you do not want to spend part of your weekly money go to aesthetics, a good option is to make yourself your own cosmetics and repeat this routine cleaning once a week. In unComo we will show you, step by step, how to do a facial at home to show off a rejuvenated face, free of impurities and perfectly hydrated. And best: without leaving home! Read on and discover how.

Steps to follow:1

The first thing to do before starting this home treatment is clean the skin deep and to this end, it is important that you do a soap or cleansing gel which is adapted to the conditions of your skin. This is the ideal way to get remove impurities that have accumulated in the face and that could cause the outcome of treatment was not optimal.

To choose the soap you cleanse your face, you have to consider your skin type then, it will not be the same, if your skin is oily, dry or mixed. In case your skin is very sensitive, it is best to opt for cleansers that have no fragrance or alcohol and have neutral pH, thus avoid the appearance of redness or irritation.


The next step skin cleansing at home It is deeply removed from any imperfections or traces of dirt which has not been achieved remove the first step; To achieve this, the best thing you can do is applying a facial scrub. The way to do this is very simple: you have to be slightly moist, then skin, apply the scrub in small quantities starting from the front to go down the contour of the face. Do not forget the nose, cheeks or chin, as they are also prone to accumulate dirt areas.

The process exfoliate the skin is very simple: you'll have to scrub the product by circular movements and pressing lightly to get unclog pores are clogged.

If you do not want to buy an exfoliant, you will like to know that the sugar normally kitchens can get develop a exfoliant home and very effective. Thanks to the thickness of the sugar, can deeply cleanse the skin and also fill nutrient containing product. To do so, just you only need to throw in your hand a spoonful of sugar and mix with a little water, pass it over your face in circular motions and see how clean your face is.

In addition to sugar, there are many more treatments such as oats, honey, and so on. In unComo you discover home exfoliants for the face so well, you choose yours.


Once the exfoliation, the next step is open pores to proceed to do deep cleaning. To get it, simply we do about steam shower because the heat get open pores and prepare them for cleaning. The way to do this is very simple: you have to put water to boil and, when ready, turn off the heat and on your face about 30 centimeters from the pot.

So the steam does not escape, it is best to cover your head with a towel and stay in this position a 10 minutes, approximately. With this you get the pores of your skin open but additionally also ensures that the skin is much more relaxed as the heat improves blood circulation.