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How to prevent flies entering house

How to prevent flies entering house

The flies They are the most hated of all, unhealthy and annoying insects we want the most keep them away from our house, a task that in summer can be really hard. However some basic tips and recommendations will help you prevent flies entering house and disturb your peace of mind. Keep reading, because in we explain in detail all the tricks to get it effectively.

Steps to follow:1

A key aspect to prevent flies entering house is maintain maximum cleaning, Do not forget that the flies are strongly attracted by the smell of garbage, dirt, spoiled food, feces among others. Therefore we recommend that:

  • Have a trash can designed especially for organic waste such as food waste or plants and the waste tires each day. This will allow your house is free from one of the biggest attractions for flies: spoiled food.
  • It is important that your house is as clean as possible, It is further recommended that the trash cans always have lid and debris are removed frequently to prevent accumulation of unpleasant odors that attract flies.
  • If you have pets at home you must ensure that your home both inside and outside is free from feces and other debris that can attract insects, so pick them several times a day if necessary. In addition keep its always saved and never feed the naked eye, collecting food once the pet has finished eating and do not let exposed, it attracts flies.

A good recommendation to prevent flies entering house is, as far as possible, keep windows and doors closed at least when you're at home, this will prevent definitively the passage of these insects to your home. When you arrive you will ventilate the house but taking into account the precautions you give then to reduce the presence of flies in the home.


Install metal mesh for windows is one of the most practical and effective measures to prevent flies from entering your house solutions. Do those windows you can afford to cover with these objects, this solution is ideal for those areas where these insects are a plague.

Similarly, if you live in an area too hot or surrounded by farms and animals should be installed on the main doors of the house curtains for flies, long strips of colors that can be produced in plastic, beads or other materials that effectively prevent the passage of these insects into your home.