How many calories burned cycling

How many calories burned cycling

If you usually move around your city riding on bicycle or aerobic exercise that you like the gym is to stationary bicycle, sure you interested to know how many calories you burn bike.

As you might know, it is not the same as doing 10 minutes of exercise half an hour, nor is it going at normal speed or fast, so in unComo we help you unravel the question you have insurance ever done: How many calories burned bicycling? Read on and find out!

Time activity bike

Before you know how many calories are burned by bicycle, it is important to know how many calories are recommended every day: for women, should be 2000 calories a day for men recommended increase to 2500 calories a day or 3000. If you want to lose weight, it is important that you carry out a low-calorie diet to reduce the amount of daily calories and get well, lose weight.

You should know that the minimum of exercise bicycle (And any other aerobic activity) is 20 minutes, is the basic to start burning stored fat we have time. However, the recommended time is 30 minutes a day to notice some sort of result and lose weight gradually.

There are different formulas and calculators that can help you calculate how many calories you burn bike, however the actual caloric expenditure does not depend only time you're playing sport but also in intensity. If you pedal at a low intensity, ie about 16 km / hour, you can calculate the calories you burn following formula:

  • 0.049 x (Your weight x 2.2) x Total minutes practice = Calories burned

Generally speaking and taking into account the intensity is low, calorie expenditure as time could be summarized as follows:

  • A person of about 63 kg 6.4 calories burned every minute (approximately)
  • 20 minutes cycling will burn 128 calories reach
  • With 30 minutes of cycling you burn 192 calories you can
  • With 40 minutes burns 256 calories cycling
  • 1 hour bike can burn about 384 calories

Bear in mind that in order to lose 1 kilo of weight, you must burn calories are 7700 kcal, if the person enjoys a healthy diet and not suffering from morbid obesity.

The intensity pedaling

However, it is not the same play 20 minutes of cycling at a slow pace (16 km / hour) to do it at a high rate or raising the intensity (with slopes). Activity gyms spinning plays precisely with different intensities and rhythms that can be given to getting a bike, so that in the same period of time to reach burn more calories.

The faster you ride, get your body to burn more fuel (fat) and activate more muscles; the frequency of your heartbeat increases and your body requires more energy and oxygen. This process ensures that your body go to reserves saturated fat and use them to provide the necessary energy.

In addition to the speed of pedaling, you can also burn more calories if you walk up bicycle exercise intensity; that is, if you increase the strength they need to do to move your legs as if you were on a slope. With this, you also make your muscles demand more energy to move forward and, therefore, burn more calories.

Given a High intensity exercise cycling is considered forward 20 km / hour energy expenditure is achieved with this intensity can be calculated with this formula:

  • 0.071 x (Your weight x 2.2) X Total minutes of exercise = Calories burned

Following this formula, you will know how many calories you burn bike If your activity is intense. Anyway, from unComo you want to recommend that if you are not used to high intensity, it is best that you increase gradually your physical activity to prevent premature fatigue suffer your muscles.

Benefits of cycling

Now you know how many calories you burn bike approximately, however besides losing calories, bicycle gives you important benefits to your body that are good to know:

  • Tone your legs and back
  • Increase your physical endurance
  • Strengthens your abs as to maintain balance on the bike, the area of ​​the abdominal muscles are used

Note that if your goal is lose weight, not only enough for daily exercise practice it is important to accompany your exercise routine with a hypocaloric diet help you in your goal to lose weight. Exercise and diet are inseparable allies to lose weight.

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