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Planting salvia

Planting salvia

The sage is a plant with medicinal uses and also it serves food seasoning, or it may even be taken as an infusion. Although salvia can be found in health food stores and specialty shops, it is very easy grow it at home and to dispose of it whenever we want. UnComo In this article, we explain the steps to follow so you know how to plant sage.

Steps to follow:1

The first that You need to plant seeds or seedlings will salvia this herb, you'll find them at garden stores and home centers. Likewise, the best time to plant sage will be in spring.


Also, you can choose from sage plant in pots and pots or directly on the soil of your garden, if you have it. In case you opt for the first option, you must consider how to choose the right pot for plants.


As for the location of sage, you must Find a place with abundant sunlight, as they should be in full sun. If potted plants indoors, try to place them on balconies and terraces, or near a window that receives direct sunlight.


The best soil for planting salvia is one of clayey and is well drained. For planting in pots, use a paid and make sure the pots have good drainage system so that water does not accumulate land.


Make small holes on the floor of your garden or pot or planter where you'll plant the salvia, and introduces the seeds or seedlings.


When watering sage, while the plants are still small, you should try to keep the soil moist; once grow, you just need watering when the soil is dry or substrate.


For collect sage, It is recommended to do before it blooms, usually about June. You can cut branches of the plant and hang upside down in a cool ventilated area where sunlight does not shine. Thus, the leaves will dry up and you can save them in a glass jar.


You can too planting at home many other aromatic and medicinal herbs such as mint, thyme, mint, parsley ...

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