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How to play with an autistic child

How to play with an autistic childSource:

Must take into account

It is appropriate to discuss before continuing that every child is different, but the most common features are produced by the diversion of some normal patterns of development. Above all, in three key areas: social relationships and interaction, language and communication activities and interests.

Knowing this,how we can play with a child / a autistic? What are best games? Like all children, games depend on the age and evolutionary development which have, so this is also very important to consider. The aim is to achieve a good connection with the child / a autistic.

For children aged 0 to 3 years:

  • About seven or eight months old, making the game to lift the baby in the air, catch it, again up in small jumps. Baby movements anticipate with joy.
  • "The wolves and palmitas" are suitable songs that are made with hands that makes the mother or people nearby. It's good for kids / autistic because sometimes feel as refusal to use their own hands and encourage them to use them and not hide.
  • Skirts suits, establishing an intimate setting, creativity and closeness helping to improve language.

For children over three years:

  • Catch game. It gives much vitality and often are the first games that motivate the child to continue playing as the "break" is power and power ratio when the child is improving their social ties, thus improving confidence.
  • The hideout is very beneficial because what anxieties of separation, work loss, but more importantly, the joy of meeting.
  • Watching and reading stories. approach, thinking and language, helping the child will gradually paying attention is power.
  • Ball game. Pass the ball is not easy for a child who has communication problems and relationship. It is therefore very important to this game, because it starts exchanging glances, watch for while taking the ball and throw it, the oculus coordination - manual dexterity in his hands, and most importantly, interaction with other .
  • Bicycling. It is an activity that serves as play, entertain, encourage skill and also promotes certain maturity because it has to do to pedal force, balance, etc.
  • Video games console or computer. It gives them "mental gymnastics", enjoying and maintaining a certain equality with other children.
  • competitive games. Often children with autism do not understand what winning and losing, being more outstanding sensory and ignoring the instructions, values ​​or meaning. They serve to create an opening to the playful relationship.

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