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How to ventilate a house in winter

How to ventilate a house in winter

Ventilate the house is something you should do every day to clean the air. Sometimes it is said that there is more pollution inside homes than outside, because of the lack of ventilation. Especially in winter, which gives more laziness windows open house, toxins in the home, caused by cigarette smoke, humidity, various gases (air fresheners, food, heating ...) accumulate. And ventilate the house is essential to clean the air you breathe and does not have negative consequences for your health.

So, if you want to find out how to ventilate a house in winter Keep reading this article unCOMO in which we will reveal all the details.

Steps to follow:1

Choose the right time to open the windows of the apartment or house. Do not worry, if you pass well the air with 5 minutes will suffice. A good time is in the morning, on rising, or at the warmest time of day, so that the temperature in the house drops to a minimum.

Ventilate the house in the morning is good because then you have all day to raise the temperature.


Open all windows and doors closed, so that Ventilate room by room, without making a mainstream. Actually, what you need it is to renew the air in the rooms, so no need to cause a large airstream. It is highly recommended to do so if you vents in the morning, or at a time when it's cold.

Leave her open window for 5-10 minutes and leave the room. Reenters and close it again.