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How to heat a house without heating

How to heat a house without heating

In the winter months, your home is a haven of peace, tranquility and warmth. Far from rain and prevailing cold outside, your home should welcome you with the warmth you need. However, keep the heat on is a huge expense, as much as 46% of energy consumption of a home, something not all budgets can afford.

From we are determined to make life a little easier and cheaper, so we bring this article that you can learn how to heat a house without heating with a few simple tricks that everyone can apply.

Steps to follow:1

Ventilate the house every day is essential to keep the air clean, oxygenate the rooms and prevent toxins airborne remain in the cockpit for long. Now, when is there to do? In winter, ventilate the house It represents an abrupt drop in temperature of the whole house, so you have to choose the right moment to do to ensure that heat leakage is minimal.

Our recommendation is you do in the morning, just when you wake up, for a maximum time of 10 minutes. We must seek to do so in daylight hours, when we can take advantage of its rays to retain more heat.


One of the essential tricks for heating a house without heating is zonificar heat for the various rooms to prevent cold go scattering. Zoning means nothing to close the rooms where we are not, making the area where we are indeed occupy smaller area, so warm it easier and faster.


If you want to heat a house without heating need make the most of the sun's heat, the largest stove in the world. What you must do during the day it is to raise all the blinds and do everything possible so that its rays come as directly as possible and seal any holes through which heat can escape.

At night you should do the opposite, close the house so that the heat that has accumulated during the day not escape. Should not be taken at face value, raise the blinds in the morning and lower in the afternoon, it depends on the structure of your home. If your home receives light in the evening and in the morning not the process can be reversed.


We've already advised plug the holes through which heat can escape, but how to do it and where it escapes? Heating a house without heating is not as difficult as it seems, what happens is that many houses favor the escape of heat through the cracks and fissures on the doors and windows.

Have you ever had that feeling that there is a flow of air in your home even that all doors are closed? Surely it is because some of these cracks, a problem you can easily fix with some duct tape you can buy at any hardware store or shop specializing in DIY.


Many families choose to put plants or vegetation in areas close to the window. Although having plants at home has many benefits, it may prevent the entry of sunlight making more difficult the task of heating a house without heating.

It is recommended prune its branches to not obstruct the light or opt for deciduous plants, whose leaves fall in winter and will not block the sun and summer help keep the house cool.


Have you ever wondered why the boats are almost always white? Have you ever noticed that the sun itched more when you wore a black shirt? All this is because as the colors are light and heat; how much darker color absorbs more heat and the clearer is the opposite.

Knowing this can take advantage of colors to heat your house without heating, either painting the walls in darker colors, putting chairs or armchairs black or changing the curtains.

In the following article we explain how to paint your bed.


Soil is the element of the house where more heat is lost. In fact, the mean soil temperature in winter is between 10 and 12 degrees. Parquet flooring or carpeting are much more insulating than marble, keeping the heat better housing. But not everyone can make a reform home to change the floor, a much cheaper and more effective method if possible.

Place carpets in the rooms where you spend more time isa ideal for heating a house without heating, keeping solution temperature and preventing heat from escaping from the ground.