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home remedies for headache

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One of the home remedies for headache classic and economic is to apply a cold compress on the area that bothers us. You can opt for a bag of ice or wrapped in fabric cold compress a gel.

Lie down on the bed and applied cold on the affected area for 20 minutes, it is recommended to do so in a quiet, preferably in low light environment.

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Another very effective natural solution is to apply cold packs of chamomile in the affected area. This plant acts as a good anti-inflammatory and soothing, improving discomfort.

Is recommended to apply an intense cold infusion, leaves the pad for 20 minutes pause 10 minutes and repeated again for another 20 minutes. You can also drink three cups of chamomile to improve your overall health and relieve headache.


He lavender oil It is one of the home remedies for sore head more effective because it is an essence that gives off a scent with relaxing properties, prefect for treating tension headache.

You just have to mix 4 drops of lavender oil to any unscented massage oil, or other natural products such as olive oil or almond. Massaging the area with this mixture for 10 minutes notice relief.