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How to make a watermelon vodka

How to make a watermelon vodka

In season the watermelons you can find smaller markets. They have a thin skin unlike the usual watermelon, and this makes them easier to cut. Also a good watermelon can be ideal for a drink container. In you next party, Spice up watermelon with a little vodka.

In this way it makes an watermelon vodka to let your friends fruteros talking nonsense.

Steps to follow:1

Basically, you need a watermelon uniform and small size. And a bottle of vodka.

Prepare watermelon. Using a sharp knife cut a circle (a "plug") in the skin of large enough to fit the funnel cut watermelon. It should also be deep, to reveal the red flesh of the fruit, because the meat needs to be in contact with the beverage for this to work.


Do not pull the plug watermelon because it can be used in case you want to move the watermelon to a party elsewhere.

Pour vodka in small quantities between different holes distribute evenly alcohol. Some people also choose to cut a thin slice of watermelon base so you can stand. If you do this, do not cut the fruit pulp, because the vodka begin to drip on the other side.