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How to treat a mouth herpes home remedies

How to treat a mouth herpes home remedies

Once the virus develops herpes labialis by contagion, be careful to suffer greatly affected the least possible discomfort and prevent it from spreading to other areas of the body area. This condition generates, among other symptoms, tingling, pain, itching and sensitivity, and to relieve and speed healing is possible to use some natural treatments that are effective for this. Keep reading this article and find out unComo how to treat a mouth herpes home remedies.

Steps to follow:1

It takes much liquid. This will make your skin more hydrated, including the lip area affected by herpes, so the charge of defenses to better withstand the discomfort and prevent its spread at the same time. The Fruit juice, full of vitamin and water will also help more than in the procedure.


The Salt It is one of the best natural ingredients that you can use to relieve oral herpes. Although initially may sting a little, a good remedy is a few grains of salt on the wound. Leave it for a few minutes and wait until you generate a slight itching mean you are doing the right effect against the virus.


He tea It is another excellent home remedy to fight the cold sore virus. Apply a wet bag on a freshly brewed tea, let it act for a few minutes and when it has dried, soak it again in the cup of tea so that it is always well soaked and help you minimize infection.