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How to make a costume of Snow White

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One of the most characteristic elements Snow White costume It is her dress but as we do at home and save money, we will this suit split into two parts: T-shirt and skirt.

We begin with the top This costume. To design it will need a short-sleeved shirt or long sleeve either a strong or electric blue, as this is the tone used by the princess. Once we have the shirt, we'll take a bit of yellow paint (which has to be special for clothes) and will draw two vertical stripes that go up and down in the central area of ​​the shirt.

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At Snow White costume We also need to emphasize this princess sleeves as they are one of the most distinctive features of this suit. In unComo we propose a homemade costume you can easily do yourself, without complications or sewing patterns, so, for make sleeves White We will propose a simple method that will get a very striking result.

To do this, we take the red cloth, place it on our arm and cut both across and along considering that the goal is to create these sleeves. Once we cut fabric (remember we have to make 2 retales because they are 2 runs), take the blue paint and will draw wide stripes that go from top to bottom sleeve; 5 or 6 strips have more than enough.

Let dry and then simply need to sew the sleeve to your shirt, so the seam area that starts at the shoulder and the end of the sleeve (if you have chosen a short-sleeved shirt). But before completely finished sewing the sleeve, gets inside a cotton to disguise that aspect has dished. When you get it, right sleeve sewn to stay.


Now we will create the bottom of the costume of Snow White. As we have chosen to divide into two pieces costume, skirt to have two options: buy a yellow need not be long or, failing that, make us a yellow fabric retales in any store. If we buy the skirt, just ponérnosla but if we choose the fabric choice you must follow these steps:

  1. Make a long need to have at home (no matter the color)
  2. Buy a cloth and cut taking measures ensuring that the long reach ankles
  3. Sew the fabric with simple stitching waist skirt you had in your closet. It is best to leave long without puntar so well, you stay a flight effect

And ready! Easy, fast and cheap.


We continue with another element of Snow White costume: red coat. To do this you can buy directly a layer at any costume shop or, if you prefer, you can buy a red cloth in a shop and cut to a height that it is the middle back. Remember that there is a superhero cape, but it's like an overcoat, a piece of clothing worn by Princess Disney to cover the cold.

If you go for the option of red fabric, you must cut two long strips so that they can sew on the upper ends of the fabric and thus subject to the cord layer on your neck. You only need to sew each strip at one end of the layer and make a loop so that fits securely.

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The footwear Snow White costume is very simple because you will only take a few black or red shoes, in combination with the suit, and depending on the type of costume you want to take will be more dancing type or heel. That is, if you want a sexy costume for Halloween, then it is best to choose shoes with heels that give a sensual touch to the suit; However, if you are looking for the typical Disney outfit, opt for the most basic and comfortable shoes.

In this other article unComo tell you how sexy dress up on Halloween.


As far as styling is concerned, you have the option of wearing your hair loose natural or, if you want a costume more true, then must make a wig is black and that has a hairstyle that has long under the ears because this is the look of the princess. Sure what you should not forget is the red ribbon young princess wears in her hair, This is a red bow that you can buy in a store or you can make yourself. Want to know how? Following these steps:

  • Buy a tape red hair or headband
  • With a red card, draw the bow and carefully cut it out
  • Paste the base loop to the headset trying that is straight. If you see that you drop constantly, put staples in the base of the loop so that it is secure
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