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Isolating my house cold

Isolating my house cold

During the winter an important part of the heat we try to keep at home with heating, is lost by cracks of the doors and windows. Similarly the cold enters our home despite having all closed, causing many times as necessary to keep the stove or heat supply On the whole time we're there. To avoid spending more than you need and keep the warmth in the home is important to know how to insulate the house from the cold. In we explain.

Steps to follow:1

The first step is to know what the spaces or rooms whose doors and windows are They need to be isolated. In rooms that are kept warm in winter still it will not be necessary, but in those where the cold penetrates only the temperatures drop we must do if we want to keep the heat longer.


weatherstripping fabric are an excellent alternative to prevent drafts from entering our house through doors and windows. You can buy ready-made or make them at home in a simple way, as we explain in this article.