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How to Make a dressing room for

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Choose your style. Make a dressing is easy, but before you get to work, you should see what style goes to your bedroom. From the vintage to modern, through the classical or contemporary. Choose yours before purchasing materials.


After choosing the style, you must have an idea what kind of toilet you will create. We recommend that you observe decorating magazines or you visit furniture stores and décor. So you get an idea of ​​the kind of dressers that are on sale and can build a similar one.


take action. Look closely at the space you have in the bedroom to put your toiletries. Takes measures to create according to size you require to stay in tune with the rest of furniture. Usually, dressers often have a long table 120 by 45-50 centimeters wide, but this may vary depending on the space you have your room. As for the height, usually toilets are between half a meter and 70 centimeters.


With the measures taken and the selected style, it's time design your toilet. Draw on paper how you want to be your toilet. Included in the mirror design as well as the Number of drawers you will have to store your accessories. Generally, market dressers often have between two and three drawers on either side of the toilet, or a large central drawer. Design it to your liking!


Purchase materials. To build your dresser, the simplest is to buy wood. We advise you to buy the flat after sanding and paint to your liking. However, choose the parts that best suit your style and thus save yourself work.


Let's do it! Pour yourself a chainsaw and begins to cut the first plank of wood. First you do the table top. We recommend that you do so rectangular, because it is the easiest, but if you want you can also choose more rounded figures.


On the other hand, cut other pieces of wood to serve you create drawers. They must be equal pieces, so use a pattern with the measures. Once you have them all cut, líjalas so that there is no splinter. To do this, you can use sandpaper or, if you prefer and a professional sander.


Once you have cut the pieces of your vanity, It is time to mount. Start with drawers. To do this, use a hammer and nails or a nail gun, with the latter go much faster. Drawer for you is secure, we recommend putting at least three nails on each side of the drawer. This will ensure that the pieces fit well together.


Once you have assembled, place them on the basis drawer dresser that has already cut above. Attach them to the base using brackets and nails. To make drawers slide, you'll need some way or guides that you will find at any hardware or home improvement store. Make sure it slide easily through the metal brackets.


Fixed the top of the toilet with small nails. If you wish, you can give some legs and can not, place it directly hooked to the wall using brackets and fasteners.


Paint the toilet. Choose the color that your bedroom and give it your personal touch suits. Dale a first hand and let dry completely before adding the second layer of paint. You can even let it dry overnight.

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  • If you have an old desktop, you can remodel it to save work. Turn it on toilet giving some small tweaks and a note of color.
  • Make sure the toilet has been properly secured and there is no risk of it falling.