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Preparing a Cubalibre

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For preparing a Cubalibre the first step is to choose a good dark rum. It has always been considered the best rums come from the Caribbean, where Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Cuba, countries with the most awarded rums and acquaintances. The variety of rums produced in the Caribbean is enough to have a catalog of options, but as it comes to preparing a cocktail, you'd better leave very aged rums to enjoy cigars and rum prefer younger.


Once you've chosen the rum of your choice, you need to have at your disposal Angostura Bitters, lime, ice and cola.


The Cubalibre be taken as taken in the Caribbean, that is, the base must be quite busy with ice. As the first step in preparing your Cubalibre will fill a long glass for cubata or whiskey with ice chips, preferably of a medium size.


Once you have your glass filled with ice, add dark rum. Cubata the recommended amount is 1 1/2 ounces, if you like very strong can add more.


After adding the rum's time to give the special touch and the true secret of a good Cubalibre. Add a few drops of the cup Angostura Bitters, liquor made from herbs that will give your cubata the characteristic flavor and aroma of a perfect Cubalibre. Angostura Bitter is strong, five drops or less will suffice.


Then add 1/6 lime juice squeezed and finish filling the glass Cola drink. Finally, mixed with a remover all ingredients and place a slice of lime to decorate.

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