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Applying Trofolastín Cicatrices

Applying Trofolastín Cicatrices

You will agree with me in saying that many of us have a scar somewhere in our body, an operation for health, would cease, cosmetic surgery, etc. Inspired by the guidelines used by plastic surgeons take us many years ahead, we know that many of them advise Trofolastin reducing scar All patients they operate, to improve the state of the scars that remain.

We know that TROFOLASTIN Scar Reducer is a polyurethane adhesive dressing with a double action, which reduces both recent and old hypertrophic scars.

Reduction Hypertrophic scars breast (Recent or old), inverted T or those in the nipple area, due to have plastic surgery or reconstruction Scar Reducer Trofolastin Mammary.

Steps to follow:1

Trofolastin Scar Reducer should be used when the wound is healed and the surface of the skin fully cured and usually restored when the stitches are removed.


Clean and dry the area of ​​the scar to facilitate application of Trofolastín reducing scarring.


Place the dressing over the scar making sure the edges are fixed on the skin. The dressing can be cut adapted to the dimensions of the scar.


The dressing should be in contact with the skin Minimum 24 hours I can resist attached to 5 days. You can cut to the proper size of the scar.


You can stay fixed on the surface of the skin 24 hours a day. It is waterproof and, therefore, can be up to five days continuously adhered.


We recommend you keep at least 12 hours each day in contact with the scar but the less is the contact time the longer scar It will be the duration of treatment.


It can be removed for daily hygiene and reuse the same dressing for several days. When you observe that loses grip replaced by a new


He improving scar appearance at 8-10 weeks of treatment. If the dressing is maintained over a longer period will get a better result.

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  • TROFOLASTIN side effects are null and long experience supports its effectiveness.
  • Scar Reducer Trofolastin acts by a physical mechanism that facilitates the reorganization of the scar tissue flattening and improving its appearance.
  • We recommend the application in the high sunscreen (50+) when the dressing is not applied.