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How to make a costume diablita

How to make a costume diablitaSource: tododisfraz.com.arSteps to follow:1

The first step make a costume diablita It is avail yourself of any dress or red skirt have in your closet. If you have a completely red or red dress with black devil costume you need little more. If accounts only change with a skirt or a red shirt / top, ideally acquire your missing part (skirt or shirt / top as applicable) in a similar vein to go play.

It is also possible to dress in red and black, a combination that believe it or not has a touch of evil as well.

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A good devil costume has a key element: a red layer, that will give a touch much more elaborate this look perfect for halloween. If you do not want to spend money buying a layer in a costume shop, in this image you will find a pattern to make a layer house with red satin, simple and very fast. Instead you can use satin fabric causing you.

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