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Caring for Violets

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The Violet is a type of plant that requires plenty water and moisture, and a warm temperature. You bear in mind that it is an original flower of the tropics, so weather conditions are key to grow well.


Irrigation. Knowing that need a lot of water, it is important that the land they are platadas is always wet. Do two to three times a week. Watering should be done with warm water. Try not to do with cold water, then they could go dark spots on their leaves.


Solar exposition. Violet is a plant inside and outside, so it is not recommended that the sun's rays give directly, although they need to receive some light so they can flourish strong, otherwise your flowers will be very weak. It is ideal to have it in shady areas but not fresh, but warm and in that part of the light. Remember: too much light can cause the flower wilts or even burn. You'll notice if you watch the leaves with a yellow tone.


Cold. As already mentioned, violets are flowers originating in warm areas, so that excess cold can affect them and undermine their strength. It is important that ever found in places where the temperature is less than 12ºC. Low temperatures can cause discoloring flowers and encourage the leaves to turn yellow.


Pests. Violets are often affected by mealybugs, aphids or whitefly. If your plant has sickened uses a organic pesticide for the land of its pot. Drizzle in the early hours of the morning, but I never do on leaves or flowers violet, as you could damage them more. Apply the pesticide on earth. You'll end up with any pest!

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