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Mormons from around the World

mormon-global-faith“Mormons,” Latter-day Saints, and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all mean the same thing. “Mormon” has come to be a term applied to Latter-day Saints, but is a misnomer, because it takes the focus away from a Christ-centered religion. There are many misconceptions in the world today about the LDS Church and what Latter-day Saint, or “Mormon,” belief. The truth is, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a global religion. It is the fourth-largest Christian church in the United States of America and a greater percentage of its 14-million membership resides outside of the United States than in.

There are Latter-day Saints in nearly every country around the world. Their cultures and ethnicities are incredibly diverse, but what brings these people together is their faith in Jesus Christ and their testimonies of His restored gospel. We would like you to get to know some Latter-day Saints from around the world.

John Zamudio, a Peruvian artist who, through life experience, paints soul-moving pictures of the Savior.

César Aedo, a world-famous Peruvian mime.

Milton Queiroz de Paixão, a world-famous Brazilian soccer player.

Moroni Bing Torgan,  Brazilian statesman and crime-fighter