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Moroni Bing Torgan: Brazilian Politician

Moroni Bing Torgan of Brazil has served both his church and his country over many years.  Born on born October 6, 1956, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes inadvertently called the “Mormon Church.”  Descended from Italian, Austrian, Romanian and Scandinavian ancestors, Torgan is the son of Joao and Wilma Bing Torgan.  [1]  After graduating from law school, he ranked third among all the attorneys in the state. He graduated in 1982 from the Federal University of South Rio Grande.

Moroni Bing Torgan Brazil MormonTorgan served as as a member of the National Chamber of Deputies of  Brazil.  He is known for fighting crime and corruption.  Prior to entering politics, Torgan was a Brazilian federal police officer in Ceara State. In 1987 he was appointed secretary of public security for this state at the young age of 31, in which he served until he was elected to Brazil’s congress in 1991.  Torgan served in the congress of Brazil from 1991–1995. In 1995 he was elected vice governor of Ceara. He later served in the Brazilian congress again from 1999-2003 and from 2003-2007. [2]

Torgan was on a Brazilian National championship volleyball team.

Torgan has served in many leadership positions in the LDS Church.  He served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ in Sao Paulo.   The Church of Jesus Christ has a lay clergy, so members are called to serve in various positions, usually on a temporary basis, as they continue to function in their everyday vocations.  Before serving in the federal government of Brazil, Torgan was the president of the Fortaleza Brazil Stake.   A Stake consists of many wards, or local congregations.  Administering the affairs of a stake is time consuming and calls upon leadership abilities and wisdom in dealing with people.

He also served in even higher callings for the LDS Church.  In 2009 Torgan was called to serve as president of the Portugal Lisbon Mission of the Church.   On March 31, 2012 Torgan was called as an Area Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He is one of the most revered and respected men in all of Brazil. He is a legend as a crime fighter with numerous articles, books and movies made about him. He has lived a life in which he has been successful at everything from sports to politics to his LDS church life.

On 22 November 2007 , the Brazilian Federal Senate held a special plenary session to recognize the humanitarian work of the [LDS] Church, and to honor missionaries of the past 80 years. After the ceremony where the Church was honored for their Helping Hands projects one of the legislators spoke of his love for the former deputy.

Senator Alvaro Dias and Senator Romeu Tuma were emotional several times as they remarked about the Church’s emphasis on family, and training in the home, and the importance of having God’s support during the difficult moments of life.

Also present was former Deputy Moroni Torgan (an elected position similar to a U.S. representative), who is LDS. Senator Tuma mentioned that Deputy Torgan was his friend and companion in the legislative body for 15 years. He openly thanked him for his faith, spiritual demeanor and love for family.  [3]

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