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I’m a Mormon Video: French-Swiss Copy Writer and Connoisseur of Good Food

Meet other Mormons who share Mitt Romney’s faith—Pierre and Monique Mueller are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (inadvertently called the “Mormon Church” by friends of other faiths). Pierre used to be a passionate director of a hospital in Switerzerland, but his life changed significantly when he lost his eyesight. Because of his beliefs, he knows that life goes on. Monique plays the role of a copy writer and as Pierre’s “eyes.” Pierre now enjoys playing the role of a connoisseur of good food. Together, they help one another love and live life. This Mormon couple enjoys the simple pleasures, like taking walks together to talk about the important things in life.

Watch a video of this Mormon couple and see their faith in Jesus Christ in action:

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