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Mormons & Politics

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes inadvertently nicknamed the “Mormon Church,” has a stance on political involvement that is often misunderstood.  The Church of Jesus Christ does not participate in “partisan politics,” that is, while encouraging its members to actively participate in community affairs, it never throws its weight behind any candidate or political party.  The advice of the LDS Church to its members is to become educated on the issues and find out about the various candidates, actively participate in the community, and vote to elect responsible and ethical leaders.

Mormon politicsThat said, the Church of Jesus Christ takes the stand that religion has a place in the public square to stand up for social morality and to participate in defining what is moral.  This means all religions, which generally value ethical behavior and conscience.  Since before its creation, America has always made special room for religion, protecting it in the First Amendment to the Constitution.  In recent times, a creeping secularism both in government and society at large has attempted to discount and then to banish religion as it influences the conscience of the people.  This is a grave error.  Religious belief is at the center of each person’s being and sense of meaning for life, the compass by which they steer.  Since over 90% of Americans say they believe in God, it is presumptuous to think they can divorce themselves from this belief as they vote on social issues.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints urges its members to search their own feelings on matters of moral conscience and then actively participate in political matters of social conscience.  Not every member of the LDS Church takes the same stand on social moral issues, and that is expected.  On matters of the family, the Church of Jesus Christ is especially outspoken.  Since the Church is led by modern prophets, and since the Lord Jesus Christ, who leads the Church through direct revelation, has stated in our day that the family is meant to be eternal, and that the family unit is comprised of a loving father and mother with children, faithful Latter-day Saints cannot waver in their support of the prophet.

In the case of gay marriage, the Church of Jesus Christ has conveyed knowledge received by revelation that if the family is allowed to be destroyed, all the destruction prophesied in the Book of Revelation will come to pass.  However, Mormons are taught to love their neighbor as themselves.  No member of the LDS Church should taunt, ostracize, or deny rights to gays.  The LDS Church has championed gay rights (except for marriage) in Salt Lake City.  Salt Lake has been named the #1 gay-friendly place among mid-sized U.S. cities, with Berkeley coming in third.

The following video is a brief and entertaining summary of the political neutrality of the Church of Jesus Christ



Mormons in Politics

Mormons in politics are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, etc.  A person can be a “good Mormon” and belong to any of these parties.  That Mormon political leaders have such a variety of political stances, shows that the LDS Church does not manipulate any of its members in politics.

Harry Reid

Bob Bennett

Orrin Hatch

Ezra Taft Benson

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

J. Reuben Clark

Reed Smoot

Larry Echo Hawk

Brent Scowcroft

Chris Cannon

Jim Matheson

Michael O. Leavitt

Yeah Samake