Exactly How Eyelash Extension Jade Stones Work

If you’ve ever needed to know just how eyelash extension jade rocks work, you’ve most likely asked yourself if this is a choice for you. The reason is that a jade rock prevents eyelash expansion glue from drying out too quick, so you’ll end up with much less glue as well as less expenses to bother with. The jade stone is constructed from premium jade, and the color will certainly differ a little from one set to the next. This stone is also recyclable, so you can keep it for your next customer.
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The all-natural porous nature of a jade stone allows it to take in the adhesive and also maintain it from drying out as well swiftly. Because the stone is so permeable, the glue will not dry out as swiftly, which indicates you’ll wind up saving a lot of adhesive. It’s additionally very easy to clean since the surface is smooth, so additional glue can quickly abrade. The all-natural qualities of jade stone make it suitable for both expert and also individual eyelash expansions.

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