The fluidized bed granulator is a multi-purpose piece of equipment efficient in mixing, granulation as well as drying. This specific piece of equipment uses high velocity air to put on hold powdered product, which is then splashed with a binder, allowing it to granulate into solid bits. It also utilizes hot air to get rid of the binder, leaving behind the granules and eliminating excess wetness. This procedure is very efficient, decreasing handling times and setting you back less than conventional granulation approaches.
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Unlike standard shear methods, the fluidized bed granulation process is able to spray the binder at various rates, allowing for exceptionally limited control over particle size distribution. It is likewise a lot easier to scale as well as permits normalized timings between manufacturing runs. It can additionally eliminate steps in the manufacturing procedure that are pricey and lengthy, such as sizing.

There are numerous different sorts of fluidized bed granulator, each with its own set of advantages and also downsides. The kind you select depends upon your demands, however it is very important to take into consideration the list below factors when choosing one. Initially, you must check out the amount of binder that will certainly be made use of. You can increase or decrease the amount of binder relying on your item as well as procedure. A reduced binder quantity will lead to finer granules while a greater amount will generate larger granules.
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Next off, you must take into consideration the quantity of time that it will take to dry your products. This will certainly affect the top quality of your final product. You must additionally take a look at exactly how the granulation procedure will influence your items’ homes, such as taste masking as well as odor elimination. Ultimately, you need to select an equipment that is risk-free to operate and meet cGMP standards.
Senieer fluidized bed spray granulator is a multi-function system that can carry out drying, granulation as well as coating in a solitary system. The system includes a fluidized bed spraying system, drying chamber, product charging system, WIP washing in position system as well as precaution. The air handling device has a pre-filter, dehumidification and heat exchanger to prevent humidity adjustments from affecting the drying out procedure.
The fluidized bed granulation system from Senieer can be equipped with a tangential spray system or lower spray for optimum results. The digressive spray supplies a smoother finish, which is suitable for pharma formulas that require a thin, slow and regulated launch of energetic components. The cGMP-certified system appropriates for a selection of applications, consisting of tableting, granulation and also pellets coating. It is likewise perfect for pharmaceutical applications with a low dose loading. The cGMP-certified system includes all product get in touch with and also non-contact parts made from 316L stainless-steel for maximum purity. It is created to offer regular, uniform as well as accurate coating. It can be furnished with an NIR wetness sensor to discover the level of water present in the product and provide precise water administration. It can likewise be fitted with a dust collection system for enhanced cleansing performance.