Lifepo4 battery 12v is a decrease in substitute for lead acid batteries, offering superior capacity and also service life. It is light-weight, portable as well as extremely reliable. It is perfect for a large range of applications from solar configurations to mobility devices as well as scooters.
Developed for safety and reliability, LiFePO4 batteries are a risk-free selection when it involves lithium chemistry. They have higher thermal and also structural stability than lead acid or various other lithium chemistries, making them much less prone to fire and explosion.
Security is among the main benefits of this lithium chemistry and also is why it is the favored battery type for numerous devices. Due to its high temperature resistance, LiFePO4 batteries are additionally extremely steady and also can withstand extended periods of storage space without degrading or losing power.
Additionally, the batteries have a a lot longer life-span than lead acid or AGM batteries, which suggests that they can be utilized for multiple years with no fresh fee needed. This is particularly beneficial for seasonal tools, such as sailing boats and also RVs.
Unlike the typical lead acid battery, which just lasts 500-600 cycles, this lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery can sustain as much as 4000 charging/discharging cycles as well as an estimated lifetime of 10 years! The battery likewise features a high discharge price and also an one-of-a-kind BMS that ensures the batteries are secured versus overcharge, deep discharge, straining, overheating, brief circuit, as well as excessive low self-discharge.
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This battery is excellent for RVs, solar setups as well as various other off-grid applications. It is light-weight and also resilient, and is developed for very easy flexibility with manages on either side.
With over 4000 recharge/discharging cycles, this lithium battery is able to maintain its cost degree as well as discharge rate regular gradually. It additionally has an exceptional lifetime and a best in class guarantee.
The battery is a deep cycle lithium iron phosphate, and also has a high ability of 100Ah. It is wonderful for trolling motors and boating where you require a great deal of power for extended periods.
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If you require much more ability, you can connect this battery in parallel with other batteries of the exact same voltage and also capability to develop a bigger battery pack. Just see to it you utilize a battery charger that is developed for lithium batteries to prevent damaging them.
Integrated BMS as well as IP67 Waterproof: The built-in battery monitoring system (BMS) shields this lithium iron phosphate battery from overcharge, overdischarge, straining, overheating, and brief circuits. It is additionally UL rated and licensed.
This lithium battery has a greater cycle life than lead acid batteries and can be charged 2x-3x faster than typical lead acid batteries. They are likewise more energy-dense as well as can be filled up much more quickly.
For a much deeper cycle life, this LiFePO4 battery can be billed up to 80% and re-discharged to 50%, guaranteeing it is constantly ready for use. This is really vital if you intend to expand the life of your battery.
With a much longer cycle life and also lower weight, these batteries are the optimal remedy for a number of various applications. They appropriate for mobility devices, scooters, golf carts as well as buggies, electric lorries, solar arrangements, back-up power, and far more!